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The HypnAerosession is a hypnotherapy recording which is a great tool to help you reach the Super-O.


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  • 2 CDs or mp3 downloadable version
  • More than 2½ hours of aural entrancement
  • Super-O Society logo temporary Tattoo

    Download Audio Sample #1 and Audio Sample #2 from the CD.

  • This 2 CD self hypnosis session is intended to aide Aneros owners in their session enjoyment by employing hypnotic techniques to induce a physically and mentally relaxed state while simultaneously seeking to heighten erotic arousal.

    The product employs subliminal messaging and brain wave entrainment techniques underlying a unique ‘new age’ music soundtrack and looped audio messaging, while the sensuously voiced ‘Alana’ guides the listener into erotic entrancement.

    The first hour of the voiced portion of Disc1 prepares the listener by relaxing him, inducing a hypnotic state, then empowering his mind to create the erotic arousal to fully appreciate the Aneros experience. The balance of Disc 1 and all of Disc 2 continues the subliminal messaging, musical scoring and brain wave entrainment to enable the listener to remain in his relaxed entranced session for up to 2.5 hours.

    Download Audio Sample #1 and Audio Sample #2 from the CD.

    From the Forum

    My two HypnAerosession CD's came today, and I found them even more exciting than I had imagined. The cover with the logo and subtle shade of glowing prostate ember is perfect as is the beginning with sounds of thunder and raindrops. Alana's voice is sensuous, erotic, and hypnotic, and I easily followed her into a deep trance-like state. Her imagery is wonderful, and her guided light body massage brought me into pleasures I had not before experienced. I was in a Big O through the last quarter of the first disc and at the moment lack the energy to go on to the second one.

    From the Forum

    I did get my first time to listen to the CD last night. Very Very good!!, Great job !!... As I think you know, I'm not new to the Aneros or toys, but this is a welcome new way for me to relax before a session. I love the Beta level states, music, and also the young lady close to the end that wants to moan with me... I have some great Bose headphones so it definitely is a plus, but I start going so hard at the end, that I almost lose them off my head... Again, Great Job !!, and IMHO all newbies should start with this CD, I do believe it will help them overcome the tension they have and so many of them talk about here on the forum.

    From the Forum

    From the very first time Alana said to contract the Helix felt good but I needed to contract more than “gentle”. As we progressed the Helix seemed to take control of the situation and I became it’s slave. I would contract a few times then go into an almost violent involuntary, spasm like state, it was actually as though the Helix was thrusting me. These earth shattering tremors would sometimes be whole body and other time be legs only and twice my legs were literally flailing around in the air. I also found myself in a variety of positions from foetal to stretched straight on my side right through to being on my front, this thing literally took control. It became so intense that the second disc was a blur and I was just aware of the music and a voice but I have no idea what the words were.

    I truly can’t believe I had such an experience during my first ever session and seriously doubt I would have had it not been for Alana. I must admit I had some doubts about buying the CD but took a gamble for a few quid. My only prior experience with a Hypnotherapist failed when he couldn't hypnotise me and I wondered if I would follow Alana, no problem there, she led the way perfectly.

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